Honey, Milnes Rod guide, and a few of his Etak co-workers later shifted on to other tangentially navigational-related projects, such as leading the team that created the radiant movie mobile around a tennis puck for public NHL activities (by tracking the job of the tennis puck in the rink), and creating the digital first-down line for NFL TV shows. None of those would have occurred without Honey's love of boating, and his hunger to thoroughly understand and master the art of routing. Today, at 60, he continues to get around for effective boat rushing teams around the entire globe.

Meanwhile Aluminum bushing block, the notion that a cell phone can help you get where you're going—so mind-bending in 1985 that individuals could barely comprehend it—is now so ingrained in lifestyle that we no longer think of it as amazing. But it is. Has we all get lost a lot less often than we once did is Etak's lasting heritage.